Shane Ross
  • Tomorrow's Sindo column: Bankers smiling in sidelines as Banking inquiry turns into inevitable party-political circus.

  • FG plus FF plus LAB do not even add up to 50%'! Game changer.

  • Independents at 30 % or more in all 3 polls for tomorrow. Roll on general election and totally new politics !

  • Independent @Gerry Craughwell only a wet day in Seanad playing blinder today on Water Bill .

  • Here at PAC,CHAIR John Mcguinness putsNAMA Chair Frank Daly &CEO Brendan McDonagh under big pressure. Subject : how Nama treats complaints

  • Technical Group sends Finian McGrath and me to meet Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett and relay grievances to him.No vote of no confidence-- yet

  • Tomorrow's Sindo column: Are the official growth figures fiction? Is the Budget built on quicksands? The grenade lurking in the long grass.

  • My mother is 95 today. Bravo!

  • Shortall voted out by FGAEL AND LABOUR 72 votes to 33 . A disgraceful Dáil decision .

  • Roisin Shortall being voted out of Dáil on Water Bill . Heading into chamber to support a fine parliamentarian .

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