Shane Ross
  • Sindo col:did u know Gerry Adams gets UK pension ,Willie O'Dea is director of company called 'Union Jack' & Labour landlord TDs are legion?

  • Sindo column: Noonan's red herring: CB Gov's job to tackle variable rate mortage trap. Only one man can solve it:Banks' owner. Name: Noonan

  • Two very good Michaels ( Fitzmaurice TD and O'Regan of Irish Times) performing really well on UTV news now.

  • Alblpllsl

  • Independents in Tullamore meeting today united behind radical principles. We hope now for breakthrough in irish politics.

  • Numbers at Tullamore meeting of independents tomorrow set to break fifty. Forced to book bigger room! Invitation only. TDs and councillors

  • Great to see government, albeit it partially, implanting Finian McGrath's Down Syndrome Bill

  • Glencullen /Dundrum MDS put on brilliant production of "Anything Goes" by Cole Porter at Mill Theatre Dundrum Shopping Centre. Loved it. Go.

  • Opinion poll today shows Independents "falling" to 28% !! Great result as we head for big meeting of Independents in Tullamore on Saturday.

  • Great double on Dublin and Man Utd today! will mighty Finian McGrath kick gambling habit?! Or retire hurt?

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