Shane Ross
  • Events around commr Callinan's sacking &antics in Justice Dept over tapes letter buried in 12 month probe after Dail vote tonight

  • PAC meeting tomorrow to consider compelling Angela Kerins and Flannery to appear . Expect unanimous "Yes".

  • Thinking of backing three or four serious independent candidates in local elections. All in South Dublin.

  • My predecessor in Dublin South ,George Lee , about to come on Brendan OConnor show on RTE 1. He left voluntarily. I hope to stay!

  • Sindo col Biz section: What was Davy stockbrokers doing persuading vulnerable client to buy high risk bets ? Judge orders repayments. Bravo

  • Sindo column : was weak Rehab board dominated by a chief exec (Angela K) with extra- strong personality? PAC session last week suggests so.

  • PAC has issued rebuttal letters to Kerins and Flannery ,

  • Rebuttal on way from PAC to wilder claims in letters from Flannery 7 Kerins.Both likely be "reinvited2 before PAC considers nuclear option.

  • PAC meeting over.No change in approach after " no-shows" in letters from Kerins & Flannery.PAC meeting with Rehab board goes ahead tomorrow

  • We (PAC) meeting in emergency session NOW

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