Shane Ross
  • Wow! Independents now at record 31% in RedC Sunday biz Post poll today.

  • Sindo column today: Banking Inquiry is political circus turned farce

  • Prime time spat proves that Banking Inquiry was always meant to be purely POLITICAL battleground. Bankers laughing as they watch.

  • Prime Time :Poor Regina Doherty out to defend FG's 2007 high spending manifesto &Kenny's politicisation of BankInquiry. She can do better

  • Burton giving long waffle . The clock is ticking. Burton behaving as tho it is Dail chamber.

  • McGrath protests " I am utterly frustrated. Questions are not being answered" . Joan rambles on . "I am wasting my time" says McGrath

  • Good spat between Burton and McGrath. It could be Leaders questions on a bad day!

  • Michael mcGrath tackles Burton on 2007 Lab manifesto high Spending plans.Burton calls ESRI growth figs to rescue. M says JB plays for time.

  • Joan on the "tax incentive" blame F F familiar line. Here we go. What a platform for OPPOSITION of the day!

  • Joan Burton straight into politics: labour only party to oppose guarantee. What are the happy couple doing at a Banking Inquiry?

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